The Brief: Since the premiere of Detective Pikachu, several new Pikachu reaction memes are being shared.


The release of the Detective Pikachu trailer inspired several image macro formats and reaction memes including the “get me out of here,” “that’s a twist,” and surprised Detective Pikachu memes. Predictably, the release of the film has inspired several popular Detective Pikachu memes as well.

Don’t worry. The only spoilers below are that Detective Pikachu is cute and fuzzy.

Confused Pikachu

An image of a confused and/or concerned looking Pikachu is being used to convey people’s shock, surprise, and disapproval in various situations. Oftentimes, the scenarios and jokes that invoke Pikachu’s facial expression are risqué, dark, or based-on potty humor. This meme is quite similar to the concerned Tom format.

Damn, is it me or is it getting hot? from memes

surprisedpikachu.jpg from dankmemes

Change the batteries from dankmemes

Manure = animal feces btw from dankmemes

[yeeted] from dankmemes

New Drake Format

Some memes suggest that these Detective Pikachu images replace the Drake yes/no format. This is not the first time the classic Drake format has been updated.

I made this on my phone from teenagers


Smiling Pikachu

This image of Pikachu smiling is used as a reaction to situations in which someone may smile ominously or let out an evil laugh.

I trust you. from dankmemes

Brown pants intensify from dankmemes


Detective Pikachu memes are not limited to just the formats listed above. They have provided a breadth of inspiration for meme-makers on Reddit and across the web.

Cha cha real smooth:

My first OC, it’s trash i know. from dankmemes


Cool your food from bonehurtingjuice

Husband made a meme out of my typo from pokemon

Defective pikachu from funny