The Brief: The second trailer for Detective Pikachu, a live-action Pokemon film has provided the templates for a number of memes.


2019 Detective Pikachu Memes

The second trailer for the upcoming 2019 Detective Pikachu film has generated at least as much buzz as the first one did. The reveals of computer-animated Pokémon have sparked mostly positive reactions from fans. Moments from the trailer have inspired a versatile set of memes.

“Get me the hell out of here”

A clip in the trailer shows Pikachu yelling “get me the hell out of here” from behind a fence. This has been turned into a meme format. Some people have connected this meme to the Eric Andre Let Me In memes in which Eric Andre yells “let me in” through a fence.

Me irl from r/me_irl

PETA did an oopsie from r/Lithuaniakittens


The appearance of Mewtwo, a particularly powerful and rare Pokémon in the trailer has caused much excitement.

“That’s A Twist”

This meme format is based on a scene when Detective Pikachu says “that’s a twist” in the trailer.

Also an anti-vax meme:

Was not expecting that ending from r/memes

We’ve got another pikachu format!! from r/memes

Misc Memes

Surprised Pikachu memes are having a renaissance of popularity in the wake of all this Pokémon publicity. Other memes reference funny moments from the trailer and similar memes.

Why must they do this from r/dankmemes

A Drake Yes/No Meme Format revamp featuring Ludicolo:

New format! from r/pokemon

A reference to Will Smith as the Aladdin genie: