The Brief: Day vs. night memes feature a cartoon of a sun and moon to argue the benefits of daytime vs. nighttime.


Day vs. Night cartoon memes edit a comic by Shencomix to make statements about the benefits of daytime vs. nighttime. Shenxomix first posted this image on Instagram in October 2018. It shows a person talking to the moon and the sun. The sun says “day is way better than night. During the day, it’s light, it’s warm, and nature is blooming.” The moon replies “at night people leave you alone.” The person standing between them then points to the moon in agreement.

Variations of these “day is way better than night” or day vs. night memes highlight different benefits of nighttime. Several popular iterations of the memes reference how the night is a popular time for masturbation. This format is particularly popular on Reddit.

At least for me
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I’ll take it.
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Real life night mode gang
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Why I have sleeping issues…and an Umbreon
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A loss meme:

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