The Brief: A screenshot of Darkseid pulling on Superman's cape is being used as a meme on Twitter.


Twitter users are sharing a still of comic book characters Darkseid and Superman as memes. The screen grab from Superman/Batman: Apocalypse movie features Darkseid pulling on Superman’s cape, essentially yanking him back into his clutches.

The meme showed up on Twitter back in 2014, but it’s become more popular as of late. It’s used in response to tweets that are funny, relatable, and/or bizarre. In essence, it’s representative of an individual pulling another person back to clarify their tweet, or of someone not getting away with something. The meme is meant to be used a humorous response.

One of the most viral tweets used the photo as a meme about having a bad day.

Then more emerged, including memes used as responses to other tweets.

This one used the meme to question an account with Stevie Wonder as its profile photo.