The Brief: An image of water breaking through a dam has become a meme template which is meant to symbolize something that pours out of a person, such as involuntary emotions or unexpected opinions.


The image is of water pouring rapidly out of a dam wall, into the body of water below. Some variations of this meme use it to represent several instances in which something might pour or “gush” out of someone, such as feelings, emotions, or opinions. In most examples, meme-makers have used the image to imply that the water spill is somewhat unexpected, unusual, or unpopular.

Though not an exact translation, this meme is very similar to the “Don’t Say it” meme, which illustrates the experience of saying the one thing you promised yourself you wouldn’t say.

This dam breaking meme is especially popular on Reddit. This is one of many meme iterations of a dam breaking or cracking.

Some variations of the meme:

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New format! Invest! from r/MemeEconomy


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Original image: