The Brief: Celebrate Father's Day 2020 with these relatable dad memes and dad jokes from across the web.


This Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day and while nothing beats a homemade card, these Father’s Day memes are the perfect way to celebrate your dad virtually. Father’s Day is all about celebrating fathers and father figures for their love, support, hard work, and care, but it’s also fun to poke a little fun at their uniquely Dad™ behaviors and senses of humor.

Father’s Day 2020 Memes

These memes encapsulate the many qualities (and quirks) that make a good dad and thank them for being who they are.

Posting memes about dads until Fathers Day because they deserve more appreciation. Day 3
byu/hawkboyson inmemes

Posting memes about dads until fathers day because they deserve more appreciation. Day 1
byu/hawkboyson inmemes

Happy Father’s Day
byu/LeKrispyKreme inwholesomememes

Me and the boys loving our dads:

Happy Fathers Day
byu/Burbger inwholesomememes

A wrong turn meme reminder to show your dad you love him:

Happy Father’s day to all father figures out there
byu/AgreeableTruck inwholesomememes

An “I diagnose you with dead” meme but with a positive Father’s Day twist:

Happy early Father’s Day!
byu/Official-Walmart-Inc inwholesomememes

A very wholesome is this a pigeon meme:

Happy Father’s Day
by inwholesomememes

A classic Dad and the dog meme:

“It’s up to you”
byu/Toby_A270 inmemes

Dad Jokes

Father’s Day is the perfect time to bring out your best “dad jokes.” While the “hi hungry, I’m dad,” is always a solid go-to, here are a few more dad jokes to match your dad’s sense of humor this Sunday.

This weatherman/dad in Ohio shares his best dad jokes on Twitter every day:

Today, my son asked “Can I have a book mark?” and I burst into tears. 11 years old and he still doesn’t know my name is Brian.
byu/ebkbk indadjokes

My wife just completed a 40 week body building program this morning
byu/StuntsMonkey indadjokes

Let these Father’s Day 2020 memes be your reminder to call your dad up and tell him how much he means to you!