The Brief: Charlie Jones, the dad from the movie Coraline, is getting the meme treatment as photos of him looking tired while sitting at a computer are being used in a variety of jokes.


Featured in the 2009 animated film Coraline directed by Henry Selick, Coraline’s dad, Charlie Jones, is an overworked and tired parent who spends much of his time typing at his computer. An image of Coraline’s dad looking particularly exhausted while sitting at his computer has been circulating online via memes.

A popular iteration of this meme format adds a pair of headphones to Charlie Jones’s head so that he looks like a gamer or other modern computer user. In variations of these memes, he represents gamers, tired IT professionals, and avid online commenters. These memes surged in popularity on Reddit in late June 2020.

Coraline’s Dad At The Computer Memes

A reference to Belle Delphine’s new music video:

Press F to pay respect to his fallen brain cells from dankmemes

Fuck them kids from dankmemes

Me and the boys: 

Last game at last from dankmemes

A reverse “are ya winning son” meme:

Are ya winning, dad? from dankmemes

An elaborate GIF version of the meme:

I do it for you guys from dankmemes

Chad Realists vs Conspiracy Theorists from dankmemes