The Brief: Dad and the dog memes tell the story of dads who said they don't want a dog but end up falling in love with the dog their family adopts.


It’s a story that’s been told before. A family wants to adopt a dog. The dad is aginst it. The family adopts the dog anyways. Soon thereafter, the dad and the dog become best friends.

This potentially relatable story is the basis of a wholesome meme about the love that can only exist between a dog and a dad who once claimed he didn’t want said dog.

“Dad and the dog” memes are popular across social media platforms. Many of them feature a play-by-play of a series of events that looks like this:

Dad: *doesn’t want dog*
Family: *gets dog anyway*
Dad and the dog:

This is followed by an image of a dad and his family’s dog bonding. Oftentimes, the dad goes out of his way to care for the dog, even after previously asserting that he didn’t want to be burdened with such a responsibility.

On Twitter, dad and the dog memes often feature real dads with their actual dogs.

In the typical Reddit meme fashion, versions of this meme that are popular on Reddit use image macros to depict funny representations of dads and dogs.

“you have to feed it and walk it”
byu/bipolarparadiseyt indankmemes

Dog dog dog
by indankmemes

Our dog
byu/Ekho_666 indankmemes

Mr. Wick is a cool dad
byu/SonKun911 indankmemes

“It’s up to you”
byu/Toby_A270 inmemes

“If you want a dog, you’re taking care of it. I’m not!”
byu/giorgosbouldas inmemes

It do be like that
byu/MI8201 inmemes

Spaceballs, The Dog/Dad meme!
byu/older_dutch inmemes

Dad’s and dogs right
byu/youcanteatthatsir inmemes

I guess this is a meme now
byu/Shabbiie inmemes

In TikTok videos, people act out how friendship forms between a reluctant dad and his dog.