The Brief: Cultural impact Twitter memes highlight underrated songs, movie scenes, and pop culture moments.


Cultural Impact Twitter memes make comparisons between two things, suggesting that one had a significantly larger cultural impact than the other. In these memes, a tall black bar represents something with an immense cultural impact while a single line represents another thing with a minuscule impact on culture or society.

Usually, these memes point to cultural monuments that are undervalued by the mainstream, giving them the legitimacy and respect they deserve. This meme can also be a place for people to express their “unpopular opinions.”

These tweets contain varying levels of irony and seriousness in their statements about the cultural significance of everything from Shrek 2 to TikTok, to the part of “Shallow” where Lady Gaga sings “ah ahahaha hahaha hahahahaha…”Often, cultural impact memes will (mostly in jest) compare a single media clip’s cultural impact to “the entire music industry,” “Tarantino’s entire filmography,” or simply to “everything else.”

Shrek 2 vs. The Beatles

“Telephone” vs. the telephone

One of several High School Musical comparisons:

The “cool girl monologue” from Gone Girl:

Kpop stans had quite a lot to say through this meme format. This is one of the dozens of viral memes related to the cultural impact of various Kpop bands, music videos, lyrics, etc.

Why watch Pulp Fiction when TikTok exists?