The Brief: Sesame Street's Count von Count became a meme on Nov. 4 after President Trump declared issues with counting the remaining 2020 Presidential Election mail-in ballots.


Count von Count of Sesame Street has emerged as a meme while Americans await the final count of the 2020 Presidential Election. The race is a close one — contingent on the final results from just a few states. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, President Trump and his supporters called for ballots to no longer be counted, even if they were mailed-in beforehand. Political analysts believe this is because many of the mail-in ballots are said to be from members of the Democratic Party, which could lead to a win for Biden.

On the other hand, in Phoneix, Arizona, Trump and supporters demanding the ballots be tabulated.

Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits Wednesday in battleground states Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, reports the Associated Press.

Trump and his supporters’ issues around the final election counts led to hilarious memes that incorporated Sesame Street’s Count von Count.


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