The Brief: In reaction to Coronavirus prevention information that says not to touch your face, people are making memes about how tempting face touching becomes after you're told not to.


Since being told “don’t touch your face” may make doing so all the more enticing, people are venting via memes and jokes about this important, but sometimes difficult to adhere to safety measure.

Having someone tell you not to touch your face can be a lot like them telling you not to think of an elephant. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health PSA’s tell people to wash their hands, avoid work when sick, and not to touch their faces, especially their eyes, nose, and mouth, people are realizing just how often they touch their faces.

Don’t Touch Your Face While You Scroll Through These Memes

At a press conference, a CDC official advised people not to touch their faces, before licking her own finger to turn a page, demonstrating just how inadvertent face touching can be.

Apparently the trials and tribulations of quitting face touching is relatable even to famous people, as seen in Anna Kendrick, Seth Rogen, and other celebrities’ “don’t touch your face” memes.

When it’s safe, go ahead and touch your face and feed your cat a little salami.

For autistic people, people with OCD, and others with compulsive tendencies, avoiding face touching can be extra difficult.

If you’re struggling to stop touching your face, both The Atlantic and The New York Times have published articles with tips on how to stop and explanations as to why it’s so hard. Also, know that you’re not alone in this struggle to stop touching your face. In fact, as I’m writing this, all I can think about is how badly I want to touch my face.