The Brief: Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's Conspiracy Collection makeup launch is off to a rocky start, inspiring memes and mixed reactions from fans.


Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s latest collaboration is a makeup set called The Conspiracy Collection, which has been teased in their latest video series collab “The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star.” This series explored the YouTuber influencer beauty industry with Shane and Jeffree’s collection at front and center, leading up to The Conspiracy Collection’s drop on November 1st.

In classic beauty guru fashion, the creation of this collection was not without drama. When James Charles announced that he would soon be launching a palette in the middle of the Conspiracy Collection’s series run, fans of Shane and Jeffree stormed his comments section, accusing him of trying to steal their spotlight, trolling him, and outright insulting him.

Named after Shane Dawson’s signature conspiracy theory videos, the collection includes an 18-shade “Conspiracy Palette” for $52, a nine-shade “Controversy Palette” for $28, lip glosses, lip balm,  pig hand mirrors, and pig bags. A package of the entire collection costs $210. Together, Dawson, Star, and Morphe Cosmetics are set to make millions and possibly tens of millions from this collection.

For many die-hard stans, buying from this collection was no question as long as they’re able to snag something before it’s all sold out.

Sold out?

Hours after the series drop, MUA social media is in chaos, with long lines at stores, website crashes, and items quickly selling out. Shane and Jeffree appear to be scrambling to resolve the issue while stans flood their social media accounts with comments and tweet with the hashtags #ShaneDawsonXJeffreeStar, #ShaneXJeffree, and #ConspiracyPalette. Meanwhile, the memes are rolling in.

Amidst the drama, Shane retweeted this meme about the situation:

A distracted boyfriend meme:

Many fans are calling themselves clowns for failing to buy items before they sold out:

Likely, all this drama will be heavily featured in the next part of the Shane and Jeffree video series…

An appropriate use of the Charlie Day conspiracy theory meme: