The Brief: Memes featuring Tom Cat from cartoon series Tom and Jerry, wearing an expression of concern.


This isn’t the first time Tom and Jerry memes have circled the web. The latest iteration features a screenshot of titular character, Tom wearing a look of concern in response to someone’s action.

This meme is often used in reference to shocking behavior.

Originally used as a reaction meme on a 4chan message board, the meme has recently resurfaced on popular Reddit meme-maker threads, like Dank Memes and History Memes.

Burn the Witch! from r/HistoryMemes

Hate when this happens 😤😤😤 from r/dankmemes

Don’t play with your grandma! from r/dankmemes

Unlike the Surprised Pikachu memes, these memes are meant to convey a sense of disapproving concern rather than surprise or shock.