The Brief: Get ready for the start of college with these memes about the ups and downs of starting a new year of college.


Happy back to school season! For college students, it’s time to shop for textbooks, move into dorms, stock up on ramen noodles, and otherwise prepare for all the excitement and rigor of a new school year. These college memes make light of the mixed bag of emotions that come with starting a new college semester or quarter whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, grad student, professor or parent.

Will Hot Girl Summer transition right into Hot Girl Semester?

Advice For Freshman

For incoming freshman, starting college is a big step that can be as anxiety-inducing as it is exciting. Social media is full of advice, both solicited and unsolicited for getting settled and starting your first year of college. While there’s more practical advice out there, we’ve selected a few amusing tidbits.

This We Don’t Do That Here meme suggests that freshmen don’t fall into the uncool trap of wearing your lanyard everywhere…

Incoming college freshman advice
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Freshman vs. Senior Year

These memes contrast the confidence levels, diets, and overall attitudes of students in their first year of college versus their final year.

Decorating Your Dorm Room

College students tend to decorate their living spaces in distinct ways. Whether it’s full of empty liquor bottles, too many tapestries, or if a room has been transformed into a full-on VSCO hangout, there’s something uniquely “college” about dorm room decor.

Misc College Memes

It’s hard to capture all of the learning, joy, anxiety, friendship, and other emotions that make up the college experience in a single meme, but here are a few on-point memes. And to all of you out there starting college, good luck, study hard, and take care of yourselves!

I used to be smart.
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