The Brief: A Super Bowl commercial for Coca-Cola's new energy drink Coke Energy inspired memes and raised eyebrows at the idea of using "coke" as an energy source.


Coke energy memes took off after Coca-Cola aired a Super Bowl ad starring Martin Scorcese and Jonah Hill for Coke’s new energy drink. Memes include jokes about the commercial itself, and about whether or not the formula includes cocaine (it doesn’t).

Not That Kind Of Coke…

While the original Coca-Cola did contain some amounts of cocaine, the strongest drug in Coke Energy is caffeine. This didn’t stop many people from cracking jokes about the “energy” in this new drink coming from the illegal stimulant known as coke.

You son of a b**ch I’m in: 

The new Coca-Cola energy drink might just be normal coke but with the cocaine put back in. from Showerthoughts

Other memes poked fun at Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel movies not being cinema.

Kombucha Girl tries Coke Energy: