The Brief: Memes are circulating on Reddit, joking that Christians get upset when they see words with "bi" as a prefix rather than "straight."


“Christians when” bi vs. straight memes and jokes are based on the premise that Christians are homophobic and see words with the prefix “bi” as shorthand for bisexual. Popular on Reddit and the Dank Memes Subreddit, these memes take words with the prefix “bi,” which actually means “two,” and joke that homophobic Christians would be extremely upset when they realize that these everyday words contain an abbreviation for bisexual. By replacing the “bi” prefix with “straight” these memes create made-up words that creators joke Christians would prefer to ones with “bi” as a prefix.

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A popular iteration of this meme notes that president-elect Joe Biden’s name starts with “bi.”

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As this meme points out, “Christians, when…” memes, are similar to jokes about feminists getting upset when they realize words contain “men” or “man” in them.

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