The Brief: Chose Your Character TikTok videos present video game characters come to life.


The #ChooseYourCharacter” TikTok meme is based on the “choose your character” prompt at the beginning of many video games. This is when a player is asked to choose between several characters to be their avatar or fighter who will navigate the game as their proxy.

TikTok videos mimic this by showing someone with a video game controller who is presented with several different characters for them to choose from. Sometimes the last character who shows up is the one that the person chooses while at other times, there is no selection, just a presentation of the character options.

For many TikTokers, the Choose Your Character meme is a great excuse to dress up in several different costumes and to flex their cosplay capabilities.

Some videos replicate actual video games while others create fictional characters for hypothetical games. It is common to see parodies of archetypal video game characters in these memes.

The song that plays in the background in most of these videos is a Melee remix of the Super Smash Bros menu music by Jim Walter.

The hashtag #ChooseYourCharacter has over half a billion views on TikTok.

This one features DOGS in costume!

And this one has CATS as famous Brits…