The Brief: These memes feature fake scenes in which movie characters say the title of the film that they're in.


Memes of characters saying the title of the movie they’re in are popular on film Twitter, r/moviescirclejerk, and other social media hubs for movie lovers. While many movies do include characters saying the name of the movie they’re in at some point, others do not. These memes create comically forced-seeming scenes where a character says the title of a movie at a cheesy or irrelevant time.

According to Know Your Meme, this format originated on 4chan in early October when a user posted a screenshot from American Psycho where the character Paul Allen appears to be saying “Patrick, it’s you!! You’re the American Psycho?!!” to Patrick Bateman, the main character of the film. In this thread, one user responded “he didn’t say that,” and other users continued the joke by insisting that he did, and by sharing similar memes from different movies.

This meme format spread to Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as film fans share facetious fabricated scenes of movie characters appearing to say the title of the movie in awkward ways.

Fake Movie Title Memes

Batman Begins:

Gone With The Wind:

Marriage Story: 

Jesus Christ, the emotion in this scene. The eyes of a man who lost everything
byu/_that_random_guy_ inmoviescirclejerk

127 Hours: 

oh no who’s gonna help him?
by inmoviescirclejerk


The Good Klansman (2018)
by inmoviescirclejerk

Gone Girl: 

Resistance (2020)
by inmoviescirclejerk

Blade Runner: 

Such a hidden gem
byu/trieticus inmoviescirclejerk

Taxi Driver, American Psycho, and Pulp Fiction: