The Brief: Celebrities including John Mayer and Max Holloway have been challenging each other to the Bottle Cap Challenge, which involves kicking the top off a bottle.


In order to complete the Bottle Cap Challenge, someone must do a roundhouse or spin-style kick to remove the cap of a screw-top bottle with their foot. Martial artists, celebrities, and average joes have been attempting and completing this challenge, often tagging it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BottleCapChallange.

Celebrity Challengers

While the exact origins of this challenge are unclear, the challenge rose to prominence in late June as high-profile martial artists and celebrities beganย  publicly challenging each other and posting videos online.

Some of the most viral Bottle Cap Challenge videos include Max Holloway’s and John Mayer’s. Holloway challenged Mayer to complete the challenge on June 28. After succeeding, Mayer challenged Jason Statham, who challenged two more people, thus perpetuating a viral cycle of public callouts for celebrities to complete the challenge.


With or without being ‘challenged’ to do so, many people have been posting their bottle cap challenges online, which are almost always set in slow motion to show the move in detail.


As with many internet challenges, especially ones that require such precise execution, the failed attempts can be as entertaining as the successful ones.