The Brief: This February 14, celebrate the magic of this consumer holiday by spreading love via heartfelt and hilarious Valentine's Day memes.


This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re planning on havig a romantic evening with bae or spending the night in bed eating chocolate alone, there’s a meme for the occasion. Peruse these 2020 Valentine’s Day memes to find the best image macros to send to your BF, GF, BFF, or even maybe your ex (don’t do this).

Valentine’s Day Memes

For your internet crush:

That’s one way to break up with someone!

Can Flex Tape mend a broken heart? There’s only one way to find out!


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PSA: Sonic The Hedgehog premieres on February 14.

Woke Sonic says don’t buy into Hallmark holidays.

Sonic has something important to say as Valentine’s Day approaches from DankLeft

Valentine’s Day: super fun when you’re boo’d up. Not so much when you’re single.

Why I hate Valentine’s Day from funny

Valentine's Day memes 2020

Valentine's Day Memes 2020

Ironic Valentines

Each February, ironic valentines have at least a brief comeback on social media. To make your own pun-based e-Valentine, check out this Valentine’s Day card meme generator. This genre is particularly popular on Tumblr where Valentine’s card memes range from niche fandom references to dirty jokes to wholesome expressions of love.

Real Minecraft fans only…

Valentine's Day Memes 2020

I am once again asking if anyone wants to be my Valentine.

#TBT to the Tide Pod Challenge.

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