The Brief: These memes are perfect for dads with a sense of humor, especially if it happens to be 'dad humor."


Father’s Day is a time to thank and show appreciation for fathers and father figures everywhere. This year, in addition to your usual handmade card, emoji-filled text message, or BBQ accessory, send your dad a Father’s Day meme, dad joke, or better yet: both.

Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes are the types of jokes that dads tell. They often play with literal takes on obviously figurative things, puns, This Father’s Day, be sure to politely laugh at your dad’s Dad Jokes. Maybe even try making a few of your own.

The classic dad joke:

Kid: Dad, I’m hungry.

Dad: Hi Hungry, I’m dad.

Today, my son asked "Can I have a book mark?" and I burst into tears. 11 years old and he still doesn’t know my name is Brian. from dadjokes

Dad Jokes meet Father’s Day gifts:

My 9 year old daughter thought she was funny. Made me some Brownies for Father’s Day.

Dad Memes

If your dad can take a joke, show him some (or all) of the following dad-roasting memes. Many of these rely on goofy suburban dad stereotypes, a prominent theme in the world of dad memes.

Dad starter pack from starterpacks

This handshake meme shows what dads and rockstars have in common:

“Twitter Meet My Dad” memes never get old. Maybe it’s time you introduce your father to Twitter…

There’s plenty of material for dad-related Star Wars jokes including this Me Explaining meme:

A How To Train Your Dragon Thumbs Up Meme:

Father’s day is coming up and I’d like to say thank you dad for laughing at my jokes when mom didn’t from dankmemes

Hi hungry, I’m dad from memes

I’m about to end this man’s whole career: 

Hi hungry I’m Dad from dankmemes

Restoration 100: 

Hi Hungry, I’m Dad from teenagers

Father’s Day Memes 2019

The kids made me breakfast for Father’s Day from funny

Happy Father’s day! from funny

Happy early Father’s day from dankmemes

TikTok Memes

Because it’s 2019, TikTok is a prolific source of dad-themed and Father’s Day memes, many of which feature dads dabbing. Clearly, these kids are proud, not embarrassed by their dads’ dorkiness.