The Brief: Netflix's sensational documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has turned social media into a storm of memes with the most mysterious star of the show, Carole Baskin.


Hailing from the pristine land of Tampa Florida, Carole Baskin has become one of the most notorious people for hilarious internet memes. She stars as the unscathed figure behind Tiger King‘s insane plot that encompasses law-breaking, mystery storytelling, and a lot of drama.

Baskin’s positioning within all of the madness of the Netflix true-crime documentary is quite convenient as she escapes from all of the illegal charges and controversy that surrounds her male Tiger-owning counterparts. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop social media users from creating memes about Carole Baskin and her alleged murder of Don Lewis. The majority of Carole Baskin memes on Twitter and Instagram revolve around the act of her potentially killing her late husband while others discuss the tigers of her Big Cat Rescue sanctuary that could have eaten her ex-lover.

Here Are Examples of the Many Carole Baskin Memes Online:

“Where Is the Body” meme:

The photo below includes her new husband, Howard Baskin.

Double Spiderman Copycat Meme:

Even OJ Simpson commented on Carole Baskin’s alleged murder:

Carole Baskin publically criticized Netflix for their edited perspective of her as in the Tiger King documentary. She was not happy with the fact that Netflix focused on the mystery of her late husband’s death which sparked the assumptions behind his disappearance.