The Brief: People have been turning themselves into human car alarms for an internet meme challenge.


The Car Alarm Internet Challenge #CarAlarmChallenge is pretty straightforward. It involves someone screaming or shrieking while tapping their neck with their hand. This tends to make a sound that resembles a car alarm. The Car Alarm Challenge took off after @P_gibb tweeted a video of herself imitating a car alarm using this method, calling it her “secret talent.”

This inspired a surge of people posting their successes, fails, and spinoffs of themselves making similar sounds.

Unlike the Bird Box Challenge or the Cheese Challenge, the #CarAlarmChallenge meme is generally uncontroversial and safe. However, as one Twitter user pointed out, people should avoid hitting their throats too hard.

As A Punchline

@P_gibb’s viral video has been used as the punchline for a number of jokes.