The Brief: The line from WandaVision "but what is grief if not love persevering," has inspired a number of memes about other things that persevere.


What is a meme if not a joke persevering?

WandaVision, the Disney+ TV series that takes place in the Marvel Universe, has received much attention online and inspired several meme formats. One line, in particular stood out to fans and meme-makers alike: “but what is grief if not love persevering?” On Twitter, fans remarked on the poignancy of this quote and haters mocked its cheesiness. Copycat memes where people ask “but what is [one thing] if not [another thing] persevering?” started spreading on Twitter and beyond following the release of the episode.

Some iterations of this meme compared preserved foods to their fresh counterparts:

Other memes pondered science, human behavior, and other facts of life…

There were also political takes:

Following the popularity of Baby Yoda, these WandaVision memes highlight the capability of Disney+ shows to generate meme buzz.