The Brief: Buff Doge vs. crying Cheems memes compare and contrast something strong and something weak via images of a swole doge and sad Cheems.


Buff Doge vs. crying Cheems memes use two members of the Doge meme family to represent one thing that is strong and one thing that is frail. Buff Doge, also known as Swole Doge, comes from the r/DogeLore subreddit and gives an extremely muscular and human-like body to the internet-famous Shiba Inu known as Doge. Cheems is another Shiba Inu doge meme who, according to Know Your Meme, “is known for liking cheeseburgers, which it pronounces ‘Cheemsburger.'”

Swole Doge and crying Cheems comparison memes surged in popularity on the Dank Memes subreddit in late May 2020. They use side-by-side images of buff Doge and crying Cheems to depict someone or something strong vs. someone or something weak.

Typically, strong Doge is labeled as someone from the past, and Cheems is labeled as someone from the present. Buff Doge/crying Cheems memes often suggest that people in the present-day are less mighty than they were in ancient times. This Doge vs. Doge image macro format commonly employs potentially offensive stereotypes about groups of people for an intended humorous effect.

well well well, how the turntables..
by indankmemes

an apple a day keeps the doctor away
byu/registered__ indankmemes

weaklings die… big deal
byu/rock_8 indankmemes

Emperors are called 天子 which literally translates to son of the sky [OC]
byu/EdwardChan_350 indankmemes

It’s not easy…
byu/Bastbra indankmemes

It’s probably better that they change
byu/Bilkkk indankmemes

Culture has ascended
byu/dankwanker_69420 indankmemes

Poor sweden
byu/AMIS7 inHistoryMemes

Enjoy the drawing
byu/Bilkkk indankmemes

haha rocket does not go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
by indankmemes


Create your own buff Doge/crying Cheems memes with this template by photoshopping some clothes and labels onto each Doge.

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