The Brief: People are pranking their friends and family members by tricking them into holding a cup of water on the ceiling with a broom and then walking away.


April Fools’ Day has come and gone but some pranks last year-round. Although this prank did not start on the internet, it has gone viral through videos posted to social media of people being fooled by their friends and family members. Popularized by an episode of MTV Pranked, this trick is a bit cruel but usually done in good fun.

Mom is a good sport in the prank her daughter pulled from r/ContagiousLaughter

How It’s Done

This prank can be executed relatively easily. All someone has to do is get another person to hold the bottom of a broom while the handle is keeping a cup or bowl of water pushed against the ceiling. Then, the prankster walks away, leaving that person stranded. A common method of tricking people into falling for this prank involves telling them that its a “magic trick” and that you will soon make the water disappear.

Pranks Gone Wrong

The goal of this trick is to leave victims with no choice but to let go of the broom, pouring water on their own head. However, in some instances, people either don’t fall for the prank in the first place or they manage to get the water down, sometimes then splashing the person who tried to prank them.

Kids tried to prank their teacher from r/funny