The Brief: A WikiHow illustration of a frog has been paired with the caption "bro relax I am literally just vibing" for memes about the importance of good vibes.


“Bro relax I am literally just vibing” frog memes act as a chill response to haters. The original image for these memes comes from a WikiHow article titled “How To Find A Frog.” It shows a blue gloved hand picking up a frog. According to Know Your Meme, the phrase “just vibing” grew popular as a meme in 2019 and is similar to “vibe check” memes. The full phrase “bro relax I’m literally just vibing” can be found on Twitter dating back to 2019.Β  This caption is fitting as the frog in the picture appears indifferent to the disembodied gloved hand he’s being held by.

Variations of these “bro relax…” frog memes serve as comebacks to negativity.

In early September, the account @thisisafleshprison posted a purple version of the frog drawing with the caption “bro relax I’m literally just dissociating,” inspiring other memes with the same image.

The template for this meme can be for in a variety of scenarios. WikiHow infographics are popular materials for memes. The Instagram account @wikihowimagemacros is dedicated to this genre and has over 89,000 followers. The subreddit r/disneyvacation, which is dedicated to “weird, terrible, terrifying illustrations from WikiHow – captioned for your amusement,” has over 577,000 members.

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