The Brief: Coomer is a term used to describe someone with a severe addiction to masturbation. The Coomer character originated on 4chan before spreading to Twitter as part of the "Coomer Pledge," in which participants agree to change their profile pictures to the Coomer if they fail No Nut November.


Whether you are a Coomer or a Normie, No Nut November is more than just a meme. It is the ultimate display of self-control, a true test of character in which one’s mind and body are pushed to their absolute limits.

Nobody understands the scope of the challenge better than the Coomer, a 4chan character whose plight as a masturbation addict has inspired countless brave souls participating in No Nut November to hold each other accountable via the “Coomer Pledge.” Those daring enough to take part in the pledge vow to stand in solidarity with the Coomers of the world by promising to change their profile pictures to an image of the Coomer character if they fail No Nut November.

However, No Nut November has come under fire by critics who point to its roots in far-right movements and view it as a blatant display of misogyny. These criticisms have inspired an evolution of the “Ok boomer” insult, with those participating in the month of abstinence retorting with “Ok Coomer.”