The Brief: An image of the characters Huell and Patrick from Breaking Bad sleeping on a bed of money has become a popular meme format.


Memes from Breaking Bad of two men sleeping on a bed of money come from Season 5, episode 10. In this scene, the characters Huell and Patrick, who are bodyguards/henchmen for Saul Goodman, take a short break while on a job to lie down and close their eyes on top of an enormous pile of money.

Image macro memes use screenshots from this scene to depict people who are extremely wealthy. A common caption for the memes is “____ companies after inventing ____,” which comment on corporations taking advantage of certain circumstances for financial gain. These memes are popular on Reddit, specifically the Dank Memes subreddit.

They’re playing 4D chess
byu/onety_one11 indankmemes

Business is boomin
byu/Retr0DasH indankmemes

For real though
byu/T1ger2oo4 indankmemes

Weapon is a part of my religion.
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