The Brief: These memes popularized on Reddit juxtapose the differences between male and female sleepovers.


As summer szn kicks off and students break once again for vacation, nostalgia memes continue to surge across Reddit and social media. Similar to the Boys/Girls Locker Room memes, sleepover memes roast the different stereotypes associated with male and female sleepovers, a favorite summer pastime amongst Millennials and Gen Zers.

Most versions of this image macro meme focus specifically on the odd and outrageous activities boys might experience at sleepovers. As Reddit’s primary demographic is male and these sleepover memes are created specifically by men, for men, the depiction of girls’ sleepovers is really just an interpretation of what men believe girls’ sleepovers to be: basic. The girls’ sleepover is simply represented by a single line of dialogue or description, while the boys’ sleepover is shown via image or GIF.

I’m still haunted by those nights from dankmemes


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Sleepovers have also been the subject of several #RememberWhen memes on TikTok.

This meme format has also transcended the pages of Reddit and made its way to Twitter.

Some versions of the meme feature an image or clip of an activity boys might do, rather than of the boys themselves. This has been especially popular amongst gamers.