The Brief: The boy and girl texting meme format uses a cartoon of two people texting to illustrate fictional flirtatious conversations.


Boy and girl texting memes consist of a cartoon of a girl lying on her bed looking at her phone and a boy lying on his bed looking at his phone. As both characters are looking at their phones with expressions of interest, they’re often depicted as engaged in a flirtatious exchange. Sometimes it’s implied that they are FWB’s, boyfriend and girlfriend, or Tinder matches.

These memes typically present the boy and girl as being on different pages or wavelengths. Often, one rejects the other or one sends a long message while the other ignores them.

As millions of people around the world are staying in their homes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, these memes illustrate aspects of the experience of dating in the age of Coronavirus.

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vibes from teenagersnew

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vibes from teenagersnew