The Brief: This meme makes fun of the bizarre animations that are shown on bowling alley TV screens.


These memes parody the animations that are featured on the TV screens at many bowling alleys. In addition to keeping score for bowlers, these videos usually celebrate strikes and spares while making fun of bowlers who fail to hit any pins. These old school 3D animations generally look like they were created in the 20th century (probably because they were) and depict absurd scenes such as a bowling pin dressed as a cowboy getting a spare or a man sawing a bowling ball in half before and then hitting a strike with it.

Instead of using original animations from bowling alley screens, these memes typically show similarly shoddy animation of other absurd scenarios. As ridiculous as these images and GIFs can be, it’s sometimes unclear which is goofier: the original bowling alley videos or meme parodies…

Bowling alley screen memes often follow the Nobody:  memes and are particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit.


The bowling alley screen when you get a strike:

Striiiiiike from dankmemes

S T R I K E from dankmemes

thicc gorilla from dankmemes

"STRIIIIIIIKE" from dankmemes

"Strike! Nice Throw" from dankmemes

Just another format which is going to die in less than a week from dankmemes

IMG 9582 from dankmemes

GrEAt JoB!!1! from dankmemes

>getting a strike from dankmemes