The Brief: The #BouncyEggChallenge is a popular meme where someone appears to transform a regular egg into a bouncy one. However, many videos suggest that doing so is actually impossible.


Egg memes are trending again. This time it has nothing to do with the World Record Egg, Shell-On Challenge, or even PETA. The Bouncy Egg Challenge is a popular TikTok video format in which someone appears to transform a regular chicken egg into one that can be thrown on the ground and bounce without cracking.

These videos feature two main methods of making eggs bouncy. The first involves putting a raw egg into a sock and twirling it around. The second method is to put an egg into boiling water and refrigerate it for 24 hours.

Is It Fake?

It seems as though this egg trick is mostly a hoax. While some videos show eggs that are quite bouncy, the majority of videos involve some sort of failed version of the challenge where the egg ends up breaking when it’s thrown on the ground. It’s possible that successfully bouncy eggs in these videos are created by optimal twirling or heating and cooling. What’s more likely is that tricksters are hard boiling their eggs, replacing them with beauty blenders, or even purchasing bouncy egg toys like this one.

A popular kids science experiment project involves dissolving an egg’s shell in vinegar, resulting in a rubbery, bouncy, shell-less egg. However, the popular Bouncy Egg videos usually feature eggs that are still in their shell and thus haven’t undergone this procedure.

This meme challenge particularly popular on TikTok where the hashtags #BouncyEgg and #BouncyEggChallenge have received over 25 million views. These videos often play a clip from a cover of “Do It Again” by Pia Mia in the background.


Bouncy Egg Fails