The Brief: BoJack Horseman boat memes demonstrate how people who appear to succeed on their own are often actually dependent on someone or something else.


BoJack Horseman boat memes from season 2 episode 11 of the Netflix series BoJack Horseman titled “Escape From L.A.” The first image in the meme shows BoJack in a chaise lounge, wearing sunglasses, and holding a beer on the bow of a yacht. The second image zooms out to reveal that the boat, which is named “Escape From L.A.” is being pulled down the highway by a truck.

Just these images break the illusion that BoJack was cruising on the open ocean, BoJack Horseman boat memes reveal when someone is only able to succeed because of someone else’s work.Β  In this scene, BoJack is returning to L.A. after a failed attempt to start a new life in New Mexico and “escape from L.A.,” in a hopeless-feeling scene, despite how he initially appears to be relaxing on a luxurious vacation.

Like the Trojan Horse image macro format, these memes are also based on the premise of shattering a false appearance and revealing the reality beneath it.

A COVID-19 quarantine meme:

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On Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential bid:

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I’m somewhat an independent myself from dankmemes

A wholesome take on this format:

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Ohello today I will teach you about- from memes

BoJack Boat Template:

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