The Brief: These memes make fun of Billie Eilish stans, who act as if her lyrics represent the pinnacle of human sadness, by comparing them to heartbreaking scenes from popular movies, TV shows, and video games.


Billie Eilish is a singer known for using sad and depressing lyrics in an attempt to come off as deep. These memes roast her fan base, which is thought to consist of young and privileged teenage girls, for identifying with her surface-level sadgirl aesthetic, despite the fact that they haven’t experienced any actual hardship. In an effort to ridicule her stans, the memes showcase scenes from movies, TV shows, and video games sadder than Billie Eilish’s songs.

While these memes are primarily dunking on 14-year-old girls, they also poke fun at the fact that boys of similar age, represented in the memes as “me,” take sad moments in video games and movies just as seriously as Billie Eilish fans do her music.

Wake up from memes

Master Oogway makes the ultimate sacrifice in Kung Fu Panda:

He saved us all from dankmemes

A scary scene from the first Pokémon movie:

Mens of culture? from memes

This old SpiderMan game really tugs at the heartstrings:

seriously, tho from memes

We’re all still recovering from the death of Club Penguin:

It’s enough to make a grown man cry from memes

They just dont understand from memes

Never forget Lazytown’s greatest villain, Stefan Karl Stefanson:

Forever number one from dankmemes

You wouldn’t understand from dankmemes

Why’d it have to end? from memes

A sad moment in Minecraft:

idea from u/okfie but meme from me from dankmemes

Sorry if it been here. But if someone says sadness i think of this. from memes

Truly the saddest moment in history. from memes

THIS is true sadness from memes

Saddest death of all times from memes

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