The Brief: This Twitter meme combines popular film, TV, or music video clips with an excerpt of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" music video.


Unlike the typical image macro, these memes, which were popularized on Twitter require (minor) video editing skills.

The meme begins with an excerpt from Billie Eilish’s music video for “Bad Guy”. Just as Eilish reaches the song’s  chorus, the meme cuts to other video clips taken from popular movies, music videos, or recorded events.

In most versions of the meme, the clips added to Eilish’s music video include an excerpt of dialogue from a popular film, followed by the film’s character dancing.

Sometimes the dancing is done in context with the film, but that’s not always the case. Eilish’s music is then played back as the music that character is dancing to.

So you’re a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can’t get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I’m that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type

– Billie Eilish, “Bad Guy”

Some people will never let Ninja live down that New Years Eve flossing fail.

Due to copyright infringement, several versions of this meme have already been removed from Twitter. However, there are plenty more to make you LOL. For example, these are for the Avengers stans.

We can’t leave out everyone mourning the finale of Game of Thrones.

In honor of the Opening Day of Galaxy’s Edge. May the 4th be with You!