The Brief: An image of a big man ordering food at a McDonald's has become a popular comparison meme format.


The original image featured in these Big Man Ordering At McDonald’s memes is of Olivier Richters, who is known as The Dutch Giant at a McDonald’s in the Philippines. The Dutch Giant is an actor, bodybuilder, and absolute unit who is  7’2″ tall and weighs 330 pounds.

On July 7, 2019, Richters posted this photo to his Instagram, with the caption:

“What is wrong with this picture?
A: Bodybuilding with McDonald’s
B: McDonald’s having a McSpaghetti
C: I can’t hear her
D: … They have bowls with rice chicken and egg. Just perfect. Bought five for also later that day haha. Wish they have it in Europe.”


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These big man ordering at McDonald’s memes are popular on Reddit where they’re used to make comparisons between two things. Similar to the mini Keanu Reeves meme format, these Dutch Giant memes comment on things with dramatically different sizes, levels of power, popularity, and more. Other variations of these giant ordering at McDonald’s memes reference the look of surprise on the McDonald’s employe’s face.

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