The Brief: Besties channel their friendship goals in this TikTok challenge promoting Disney's upcoming film, Aladdin. 


“Prince Ali – fabulous he – Ali Ababwa” has issued a TikTok challenge. While the highly-anticipated, live-action adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin officially hits theatres this Friday, May 24th, social media for the film has been buzzing for months.

To further promote the film, Mena Massoud, the actor playing Aladdin, served up the #FriendLikeMe Challenge on TikTok, the video platform popular with Gen Zers.

After only a couple of days on TikTok, the hashtag has over 60K posts and nearly 43 million views.

These videos, set to the film’s track, “Friend Like Me” showcase the power of friendship and the lengths some people will go to for their BFFs.

This one from Loren Gray.

In most versions of this meme, friends lip sync and sometimes dance to the soundtrack bop.

There are several versions featuring peoples’ pets, too!

Other iterations feature more intricate choreography, like a music video.

Some die-hard Aladdin stans have even gone as far as cosplaying as their favorite characters.

Talk about #dadgoals.

The viral challenge has also spread to Instagram.

In case you’ve been trapped in a lamp and somehow missed it, check out the trailer for Aladdin here: