The Brief: Celebrate the dawn of a new month by taking a look at some of the best recent memes.


Memes For March

Memes of the past month encapsulate what’s been happening, both online and off. Some of the best meme formats from February will carry into March as the perfect way to express a funny feeling, moment, or idea. Here’s a list of the best memes to share, laugh at, and create your own versions of in March 2019.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Co-stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had notable chemistry in A Star Is Born and at the Oscars. Images of them staring deeply into each other’s eyes provided a great meme format about love, lust, and desire.

Eric Andre “Let Me In!”

A clip from Eric Andre standing behind a fence and yelling “let me innnnnn” at the Democratic National Convention is a versatile meme format.

The pig has the high ground bruh from r/Lithuaniakittens

Anti-Vax Memes

Anti-vaccination memes had a resurgence after recent Measles outbreaks. While most of these memes are jokes about people who refuse to vaccinate their children, there is the possibility that these memes are actually educating some members of the public about the importance of vaccinations.

Airport Security vs Water

Does the TSA hate water? Memes joke that the rule against bringing liquids through airport security is based on the TSA believing H2O to be an evil and dangerous substance that must be stopped at all costs.

Oooof from r/dankmemes

Pelosi Clap

An image of Nancy Pelosi clapping at Donald Trump while giving off an overall condescending vibe is a perfect illustration of professional snarkiness and the perfect way to act when you dislike someone but want to keep things classy.

Who Gon Check Me Boo

A viral quote from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta inspired a Twitter meme of emoji collages. In this meme format, someone asks “who gon check me boo?” and receives a response in the form of emojis illustrating their imminent demise.

 Will Smith Genie

Reactions to the appearance of Will Smith’s blue genie character in Disney’s upcoming Aladdin remake included shock, awe, and even anger.

Will Smith Genie from r/dankmemes

Well Yes But Actually No

This meme is the perfect way to sum up a contradictory or confusing statement.

???????????? from r/dankmemes

Detective Pikachu

The CGI Pokémon from the upcoming film Detective Pikachu are great for meme material and reaction images.