The Brief: Black Twitter shared their reactions to Trump supporters storming the Capitol.


The United States Capitol building saw droves of Trump supporters descend on the building. The mob broke windows, stole items (like the Speaker of the House of Representatives podium), and occupied politicians’ offices while representatives and their staffs sought refuge in other rooms.

While some Americans were shocked and saddened by the news, many Black Twitter users were not considering the history of racial injustice in the United States.

According to this tweet, America is looking a little rough around the edges.

So much so, some are considering leaving.

Other internet users mocked the lack of law enforcement presence and activity at the Capitol.

FYI, the quoted replies are side-splitting.

Many called for reinforcements like Kendall Jenner.

Or, Target Jennifer.

There’s also this hilarious request.

A woman was fatally shot while rioting in the Capitol and she became the center of some pretty savage tweets.

Others poked fun at rioter “Elizabeth From Knoxville” who seemed a little unprepared for “the revolution” — her words, not mine.

This elderly woman became another internet fave.

This tweet was posted after CNN anchor Anderson Cooper said rioters were probably going to hang out at Olive Garden afterwards.

More CNN news anchor jokes:

A few shared what they’d be up to had they broken into the Capitol.

Others just couldn’t make sense of it all.

Here’s a short story with a very satisfying ending.

Here’s what happened when the FBI asked for help identifying rioters.

A Nancy Pelosi evacuation joke:

Cracker jokes: