The Brief: Bernie Sanders' 2021 inauguration outfit instantly became a meme as the internet fawned over his coat, mittens, and overall "bundled up Vermont dad" look.


Bernie Sanders’ inauguration outfit memes crown him as a schlubby style icon, noting how his clothing choices and overall appearance at the 2021 presidential inauguration convey a range of relatable moods.

The Biden/Harris inauguration featured many stunning outfits from Michelle Obama to Dr. Jill Biden to Vice President Kamala Harris. One unexpected standout from the event was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ look which included a blue surgical face mask, warm winter jacket, and wool mittens. Once the internet caught a glimpse of Bernie’s fit, it instantly became a meme with people relating to his cozy fashion choices, seating position, and overall vibes.

Many people noticed that Bernie’s jacket is the same one he wore in another widely memeified photo, the “I am once again asking for financial support” look.

Sanders’ mittens also received much attention. According to style analysts, they were a gift from a teacher in Vermont.

In addition to the pieces that made up Bernie’s outfit, many people were taken with the pose he was pictured in: arms and legs crossed and slouching in his socially-distant seat.

Images of Bernie holding a manilla envelope gave off the air that he was running errands like going to the post office or ensuring that Americans get COVID relief checks.

A shot of Bernie on his phone, presumably to take a photo, inspired memes about him watching videos during the inauguration.

People also got creative with Photoshop to add Bernie into various funny situations.