The Brief: A Bansky print shredded itself at an auction after being purchased for £1.04m, inspiring individuals and brands to memeify this performance art.


Immediately after a painting by anonymous artist, Banksy, sold at a Sotheby’s auction for over 1 million GBP, it shredded itself. The “Girl With Balloon” print, one of Banksy’s most famous pieces went up in value after it went through a shredder concealed in its frame.  The original buyer went through with the sale and the piece will be renamed “Love Is In The Bin.

This combination prank and piece of conceptual art has gone viral. Since the auction, people and brands have been posting images and animations of pictures being shredded, for commercial, activist, and comedic purposes. Versions of this latest meme blend art, comedy, and advertising together.

To help out meme creators, a manager at Adobe created a Photoshop template with instructions so that anyone can easily create their own Bansky-inspired “shredded” photos.