The film includes graphic violence, drug use, and harsh language.

The Brief: Memes about the Netflix film Bandersnatch reflect on its unique format and the significance of everyday decision-making.


Bandersnatch, a short film in the Netflix Black Mirror series has inspired a number of memes about the “choose your own adventure” style film. It takes in place in 1984, following a young man, Stefan Butler, who is designing a video game called Bandersnatch. Throughout the film, viewers can choose between two options, deciding what actions Stefan takes, along with his fate. They range from which cereal to eat for breakfast to whether or not Stephan should commit murder. There are many possible paths, as mapped out by this Reddit user, for the movie to take, depending on what options users select. Sometimes viewers are prompted to “go back” when their choices lead to dead ends or incomplete circumstances.

Bandersnatch memes include commentary on people’s experience watching or playing the game/film, as well as other references to pop culture, the major concepts in the movie, and other relatable experiences. Like the film, some of the memes are dark and deep as they explore ideas around free will, mental illness, multiple realities, the fourth wall, and more.

Haven’t unlocked the skills.. from r/memes

A reference to The Good Place:

Shirtpost – Chidi tried Bandersnatch and the cereal choice came up from r/TheGoodPlace

And one to Kanye West‘s upcoming album, Yandhi:

When people keep asking for Yandhi from r/Kanye

For many viewers, it took much longer than 1 hour, 30 minutes.

After going down every possible path of Bandersnatch from r/blackmirror

An interlocking handshake meme:

I’m on the left from r/blackmirror

The film has inspired international and multilingual memes:

“Sorry Mate – Wrong Path” Memes

In one variation of the film, viewers may choose an option that leads the character colin to tell Stephan and the audience “sorry mate – wrong path,” before the viewers are prompted to choose the other option instead. This moment has become a meme format.

The pathway you have chosen is unavailable from r/memes

i haven’t programmed that path yet ! from r/dankmemes

Bird Box Memes Meet Bandersnatch Memes

Although Bird Box and Bandersnatch are quite different in content, the two popular Netflix originals that were released just before the new year have inspired a number of crossover memes: