The Brief: Play stopped as a black cat on Monday Night Football ran on the field as the Dallas Cowboys faced the New York Giants.


If we told you a black cat on Monday Night Football ran on the field, you might think we were talking about the Carolina Panthers. However, it was an actual feline that stopped play during the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants game.

The play-by-play call was legendary.

This instant classic should be showered with Emmys, Pulitzers, and everything in between.

With the Cowboys playing poorly against the lowly Giants, memes immediately showed a sense that the black cat was a curse for the Dallas team.

Look at this. You can’t tell us this wasn’t a bad omen. It attracted more black cats to the television. No. No. No. RIP Cowboys.

As the black cat on Monday Night Football made it into the endzone, some memers immediately took note that the cat had done so more times than the Cowboys at that point in the game.

With how poorly the Giants have been this season, some fans felt this diversion from the game was the most fun they’ve had watching their team all season.

OK. Maybe not just “some.” Basically everyone agreed that the black cat was the highlight of the game.

We were all here for this moment for the black cat on Monday Night Football.

This little kitty even got the slo-mo treatment.

Eventually, the cat took off out of the endzone and towards the locker rooms. It looked like it had somewhere else to be.

The black cat even got the handshake Twitter treatment. Dallas Cowboys RB Zeke Elliot is ready to eat too.

This is an A+ pun. However, that black cat may be better on Monday Night Football than Jason Witten.

Other cats were jealous of this moment.

With cat-like agility, it’s no wonder fantasy football players wanted this furry friend on their squads.

Even NFL Hall of Famers saw the greatness of this black cat.

And like every fun Twitter moment, it was immediately dead when someone made a spoof Twitter account for the Black cat on Monday Night Football