The Brief: In a Super Bowl commercial, Planters Peanuts announced the resurrection of their late mascot Mr. Peanut in the form of Baby Nut, inspiring an onslaught of memes and online reactions.


#BabyNut memes are a direct result of the airing of a Super Bowl ad for Planters nuts. The ad takes place at Mr. Peanut’s funeral where a baby version of Mr. Peanut was born after the Kool-Aid Man’s tears fell on his grave. Mr. Clean also attended the funeral. The new top hat-wearing mascot for Planters is named “Baby Nut.”

If this all sounds bizarre, that’s because it is. From the death of Mr. Peanut to the phoenix-like birth of BabyNut, Planters seems to be playing with both the shock factor, silliness, and meme-ability of this series of fictional events. In the wake of  BabyNut memes express mixed reactions at this marketing ploy and the introduction of a new Planters spokesnut.

Initial Reactions

Immediately after BabyNut made his debut, people have been sharing their reactions on social media.

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BabyNut vs. Baby Yoda

Planters appear to be riding on the popularity of baby versions of beloved characters like Baby Yoda, causing many to ask whether this world is big enough for both a Baby Yoda and a BabyNut.

NSFW Double Entendre

People were not lost on the double entendre of nut, which in addition to referring to the food can also be a euphemism for ejaculation. Thus, to many, the phrase “BabyNut” is either a distasteful connection between babies and something dirty or a fun joke-making opportunity.

SpongeBob Dolphin Noises

When Baby Nut first spoke in the commercial, he uttered dolphin sounds instead of words. Many SpongeBob fans have made the connection to the show’s episode where SpongeBob says a “bad word” which is portrayed as dolphin noises.

#BabyNut Livestream

Mr. Peanut’s Twitter account, which has now changed its name to Baby Nut released a link to a baby monitor-style livestream in which fans can make suggestions about what Baby Nut “should do next.”

Sponsored Baby Nut Memes

Planters Baby Nut-themed marketing campaign includes a number of sponsored memes made by popular meme accounts, which were released shortly after the commercial aired. Fellow brand accounts including Kool-Aid’s have also been creating memes that riff off the Baby Nut buzz while adding their own twist.

This can’t be unseen:

More Baby Nut Memes

Baby Nut memes are rapidly spreading across social media platforms before the Super Bowl has even ended.

My death was greatly exaggerated.
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welcome back king
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