The Brief: A popular Twitter meme asks the question "babe, are you ok?" to joke about people's uncharacteristic behaviors.


“Babe are you ok/you’ve barely touched your” memes set up a joke based on the premise that someone is concerned about their significant other’s abnormal behavior. Popular on Twitter, these memes highlight peculiar activities and habits by suggesting it’s strange when someone neglects to do them.

According to Know Your Meme, iterations of these memes have appeared online for years before they became particularly popular in the summer and fall of 2020. They’ve remained popular on Twitter into 2021 where people use them to talk about a wide variety of subjects.

Some iterations only start with the phrase “babe, are you ok?” before pointing out some out-of-the-ordinary behavior while others add “you’ve barely touched your…” to suggest that the person they’re addressing isn’t eating their favorite food or doing their favorite activity.

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