The Brief: The now internet famous moment in which a man did a "Naruto run" behind a TV reporter near Area 51 has inspired several versatile meme formats.


The Area 51 ‘raid’ was a meme extravaganza in the months leading up to the event, during, and after September 20th. One of the most iconic moments from the meme-inspired events in Nevada was when a man ran behind a reporter in the style of Naruto. This led to the creation of several Area 51 Naruto run meme formats.

Running Towards vs. Running Away

The most popular meme format to arise from footage of the famous Naruto runner is similar to the Drake yes/no meme format. This four-panel image macro, illustrates someone Naruto running towards something and then Naruto running away from something else. It can also be reversed to depict someone running away from one thing and then towards another.

me irl from me_irl

me irl from me_irl

Me_irl from me_irl

Northpole from memes

The new, superior format from teenagers

Investment=profit from MemeEconomy

Running Through Reporter

Another meme format uses an image of the Naruto runner passing the reporter. These memes creatively photoshop a the runner to show how something may undergo a change when it passes through something else.

Socks coming out of the washing machine:

Where does it go??? from dankmemes

Light going through a prism:

Photoshop doesn’t really go well on a phone. But please enjoy from memes

Cheese going through a shredder:

Mmmmm cheese from dankmemes

Misc Naruto Runner Memes

Other versions of this Area 51 meme format admire the audacity of the runner and play on how he became lauded as a hero on Reddit and other meme-centric internet spaces.

Invest so you get in from MemeEconomy

There’s a Man Who Can from memes

Gl bois from dankmemes