The Brief: Memes featuring a screenshot from the 2006 movie Aquamarine of Emma Roberts and Jojo are circulating on Reddit.


A screenshot from the 2006 movie Aquamarine featuring Jojo and Emma Roberts is circulating on Reddit as an image macro meme format. This screenshot has been circulating online since as early as 2008 and has been used in memes since a 2012 post on the imageboard site Chan4Chan with the caption “look they’re fapping.” Since then, the image has circulated in contexts that often imply that its context is more salacious than a bad teen movie from 2006. This is likely because it shows two young women who appear to be naked whispering to each other looking surprised and/or impressed.

but thatโ€™s impossible from memes

This Aquamarine meme format experienced a resurgence on Reddit in late December 2020 after it was shared on the subreddit r/ProgrammerHumor with the caption “I hear he can code without stack overflow.”

if i met someone who could do this id worship them as a god from ProgrammerHumor

Many memes directly or indirectly reference how the two actresses appear to be naked, though the image is cropped just below the shoulder and doesn’t feature nudity (in the scene, they’re both wearing clothes). The fact that the image is actually from a PG movie about two girls who befriend a mermaid is lost on some of the people posting and commenting on these memes.

Yeah, that’s you King from dankmemes

*Happiness noises* from teenagers

HE GAVE YOU UP from dankmemes

All I feel is pain, pain and blue balls from memes

She hears everything, doesn’t she? from memes

Omg he so seggsy from teenagers