The Brief: "April, no!" memes use a scene from Parks and Recreation to suggest that April 2020 will be a disastrous month.


“April, no!” memes continue the meme that April 2020 will be terrible, using a scene from Parks and Recreation in an image macro format. The image in these memes comes from season 6, episode 4 of Parks and Recreation when April Ludgate, played by Aubrey Plaza, announces her plan to attach question mark stickers to stop signs. As she runs out of the room, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Pohler, yells “April, no!”

Most iterations of these memes pair a suggestion that a natural disaster or another devastating event will soon occur with the “April, no!” image to suggest that the month of April will include such an event. These memes perpetuate the idea that April will be the worst month of 2020 so far, bringing the world something worse than wildfires, pandemic, or a close-call with “World War III.” 

Jurassic park
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No April, please no
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April from parks and recreation going somewhere. Leslie saying “April, no!”
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April, no!
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