The Brief: Apple's announcement of its new AirPods Pro spawned many memes about this product and its appearance.


On Monday, Apple announced the debut of AirPods Pro: a $249 pair of premium noise-canceling wireless earbuds available starting October 30. AirPods have long been the subject of memes and this new version inspired an influx in AirPods Pro memes, many of which joke about their appearance.

Many AirPods Pro memes likened them to the Pokémon Bellsprout, because of their tubular, bell-shaped tops.

Others noted similarities between these AirPods and another plant video game character: Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies.

A clip from Paul Rudd’s appearance on Hot Ones:

“The new Airpods Pro slap ngl

The all new airpods pro
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